‘There’s no motivation to keep Pakistan on FATF’s dim rundown’

Pakistan has satisfied 26 out of 27 states of the Financial Action Taskforce and is working industriously to meet the last prerequisite,” Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said.

“There’s no motivation to keep the country on FATF’s dim rundown any longer,” he disclosed to SAMAA TV.

Alluding to India, Qureshi brought up that the worldwide gathering is specialized however can be utilized for political additions against Pakistan.

Moderate advancement on Afghan harmony

There is no reason to keep Pakistan

Conversing with SAMAA TV have Kiran Naz on 7 se 8 later in the day, the unfamiliar pastor said that the Afghan harmony measure was being deferred however there was no way around it.

“It is Afghanistan that needs to take a choice for its future,” he said. “We can simply stand by and trust yet can’t direct them.”

Qureshi added that Pakistan has consistently energized political answers for the adjoining country and dislikes any sort of viciousness or war-like conditions in Afghanistan.

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Discussing the Taliban, he said that the gathering is prohibited and the public authority doesn’t discuss banned gatherings.

Qureshi added that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s assertion on US airbases was a harsh token of Pakistan’s arrangement.

Recently, in a meeting with Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios, PM said that Pakistan will “by no means” give any bases to the United States for military activity in Afghanistan. “By no means. It’s absolutely impossible that we are truly going to permit.”

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