Public Assembly: Marriyum Aurangzeb compares PM Khan to Zakoota Jin

Head administrator Imran Khan has his own Zakoota Jinn who takes every one of the choices for him, as per PML-N pioneer Marriyum Aurangzeb.

“The PM’s jinn says mujhay kaam batao fundamental kia karun primary kis ko khaun (Give me work, instruct me, who to eat),” the pioneer said in a National Assembly meeting Thursday. “Fundamental kia karun, principle kis ko khaun” is a celebrated exchange of Zakoota Jinn, a character in Aainak Wala Jinn.

“I’ll mention to you what Zakuta ate. It devoured milk, spread, wheat, and sugar of youngsters and needy individuals.”

Marriyum Aurangzeb likens PM Khan to Zakoota Jin

Aurangzeb reprimanded the Budget 2021-2022 delivered by the PTI government calling it “parasitic” and “bone-breaking”.

“Imran Khan has failed to remember every one of his guarantees of giving houses, modest credits, and a huge number of occupations,” she brought up, adding that his cases of changing the framework have ended up being most noticeably awful for the country.

The pioneer said that the bureau has been reshuffled multiple times while the FBR director has been changed multiple times. “Is this our mainstream PM’s presentation?” Inflation is up by 16% and in excess of 5,000,000 individuals are jobless.

“There’s another jinn here. The sense of self’s jinn,” Aurangzeb said. Furthermore, this one is more terrible than the other one.

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